Behind the bickering of Biden and Musk, Tesla is still in contact with the White House

For several months, the rag has been burning between Elon Musk and US President Joe Biden. One tweets when the other responds in an interview, but behind these quarrels, the American government has indeed asked Tesla for substantive projects.

At the beginning of February, Elon Musk was surprised that the Tesla company was not cited by President Joe Biden when he spoke of electric cars produced in the United States. It must be said that the American president seemed to systematically ignore Tesla, as soon as the subject was discussed. Elon Musk did not fail to express his astonishment on Twitter to his millions of followers. Since then, we regularly witness verbal sparring between the two men through the media.

According to Reuters, the company Tesla was however indeed solicited by the American government, and this, from the first days of the inauguration of Joe Biden. Representatives of Tesla have been invited by the White House to participate in discussions concerning an extension of certain reforms in favor of electric vehicles.

Tesla is therefore not completely sidelined

The Biden administration has, from the outset, sought Tesla’s input as part of a project to expand renewable fuel subsidies (RFS). By extension, this reform of the American fuel standard could also benefit electric vehicles. The Biden administration is very sensitive to climate change, and particularly favorable to the development of electric cars to achieve its climate objective.

Tesla attended several meetings with different representatives: from the Biden government, biogas producers and charging station companies. The players in the electric sector intend to take advantage of the Biden government’s enthusiasm for electric vehicles to benefit from additional aid.

A Tesla Supercharger in the USA. // Source: Tesla

Behind the public feud between the two men, the collaboration between Tesla and the US government does exist.

An ego war that is apparently not ready to end

Since March, we had not noticed any significant twists between the two protagonists. It must be said that Elon Musk was somewhat monopolized by the takeover of Twitter.

But, while Elon Musk shared his concern about a possible future recession and laid off 10% of his staff, Joe Biden, questioned by journalists, wished him: “Bgood luck for his trip to the moon. »

It’s definitely the cow love between the two personalities. It’s hard to see how relations between President Joe Biden and business leader Elon Musk could improve in the near future, as neither seems willing to compromise.

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