Before the arrival of the new album, 4000 fans are already ready for Toulouse Zenith by Louise Attaque

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Louise Attaque’s new album will be released on November 4, followed by a tour that passes through Zénith on March 31, 2023.

Gaëtan Roussel is a happy man. The singer and guitarist from Aveyron will be on stage this Tuesday evening at Bikini de Ramonville, which will be sold out, as was the case during his previous visit, last spring. And it should be even more brilliant at the beginning of November with the release of the 5th album of the group that made it famous, Louise Attaque. He finds two “historical” members there, bassist (and designer) Robin Feix and violinist Arnaud Samuel. The disc is called “Planet Earth” and promises to be one of the most anticipated events of the end of the year. Louise Attaque certainly has some arguments, artistic and commercial, to make.

5 albums in 25 years

His first eponymous album, released in 1997, sold 3 million copies, an absolute record for French artists. The 2nd, “As we said”, in 2000, also had a great career. And then the then quartet broke up, each wanting to do their own projects… before meeting again, in 2005, with “See you later crocodile” then in 2016, as a trio, with “Anomalie”. Recorded in 25 days on the occasion of the group’s 25th anniversary, “Planète Terre” consists of 11 titles presented as “humanistic and generous”. We will discover them in concert in March 2023 during a tour of Zénith, which looks damn good. In Toulouse, 4,000 seats have already been sold. An event, you were told…

Louise Attaque in concert at the Zénith de Toulouse on Friday, March 31, 2023 at 8 p.m. Prices: from €41 to €64. Tel. 05 62 73 44 70 (
The album “Planète Terre”, released on Friday, November 4, 2022 (Barclay / Universal).

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