Be ready, the BE-Alert system is being tested in 225 municipalities on Thursday

The National Crisis Center (NCCN) will test the BE-Alert system in 225 Belgian municipalities on Thursday, it announced in a press release on Tuesday. A record-breaking number, which represents almost half of all municipalities registered for BE-Alert. The system can be used by local, provincial and national authorities to notify citizens in an emergency situation. This could be, for example, a power failure, contamination of drinking water or fire.

Specifically, many Belgians registered on BE-Alert should expect to receive an SMS from the number 1789, a phone call from the number 04/ or an e-mail from the address [email protected] on Thursday. Currently, 1,093,897 addresses are registered in BE-Alert. This large-scale test will, among other things, test the tool’s capacity.

These test moments are a good opportunity to practice using the alarm tool to be ready to act quickly during a crisis, explains the Crisis Centre. In fact, quick decision-making and a good knowledge of the tool greatly contribute to the effectiveness of the warning.

“Despite the technological possibilities, such as location-based alarms for example, it is important that the citizen registers for BE-Alert”, emphasizes NCCN. “He can code up to five addresses and will be informed even when he is far from one of these addresses, therefore outside the geographical area of ​​an incident.” Registration is free at

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