Bayeux: Collet Assurance, a hundred years of family history

Bertrand Collet in front of the window which retraces the life of his insurer ancestors over more than a century. ©The Renaissance

Bertrand Collet has, in his cabinet, a window where the history of his family is traced and it is with admiration that he likes to talk about it. There are unique items such as one of the first amicable findings, certificates of honor, photos of all the Collets who have worked in the firm… that is 100 years of family history.

“Grandma Cocotte”

It all started with an ancestor with an extraordinary temperament, “Grandma Cocotte” as Bertrand Collet likes to call. In 1916, she took her husband, Albert, who was then secretary of the town hall of Bayeux, into the adventure, then in 1925, she forced her son Pierre to leave the bank in which he worked in Saint-Lô, to work with she. His wife Hélène will join him. At the time, we did not trifle with parental authority!

In 1956, their son Yves affixed his name to the pediment of the cabinet, almost reluctantly, “because he wanted to be a sailor, but injured by a keel in the eye, he could not.”

To compensate, Yves will work a lot with the maritime world and will develop the firm in this sector. And then on May 5, 1987, his son, Bertrand Collet, who was destined for the bar, took up the torch. A fourth generation of Collet belay is on the way and it is not trivial, it must be admitted! But Bertrand will, then, operate a shift since visionary as “granny Cocotte”, he chooses brokerage.

I am independent in character, it seems that I look like Marguerite! I negotiate the best price for the best guarantees.

Bertrand Collet

Last of the dynasty

After more than a century of contracts, Bertrand has asserted his rights to retirement for the end of the year, he will be the last of the Collet dynasty to ensure. His son Nicolas, he will not take over, he realized the dream of his grandfather Yves. He is an officer in the merchant navy and his daughter, Hélène, is a pediatrician.

The ancestor of the amicable report, as it was published by insurance companies in 1958
The ancestor of the amicable report, as published by insurance companies in 1958. ©La Renaissance

A page in the family ledger is turning, but many other things await Bertrand Collet when he retires. Municipal councilor in Bayeux, community councilor, first vice-president of Seroc, he also has a passion, like Marguerite, for beautiful cars and likes to play golf.

Medal of Honor for Sylvie Hardel

Sylvie Hardel had wanted a minimalist ceremony to receive the medal of honor for work, silver level, attesting to her 20 years of service. Patrick Gomont, Mayor of Bayeux, who presented him with this honorary distinction.
Sylvie Hardel “was stranded” on July 2, 2001, as Bertrand Collet likes to say, in his Bayeu cabinet. With solid experience in insurance, she immediately integrated into the team and through hard work “became an essential cog” in the structure. Bertrand Collet says of his collaborator:
She knows the clientele by heart. I have complete confidence in her.
Bernard Collet

What to enjoy life, keep in touch and above all continue to be useful and to be of service to others, because for the Collets, it is important. “We know our policyholders in their family life, in their intimacy and that, it is not because I am going to return the keys at the end of the year that I can forget them! »

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