Battlefield 2042: a year later, the developers say they are ready to welcome players

Game news Battlefield 2042: a year later, the developers say they are ready to welcome players

Battlefield 2042: time for renewal? Since its release at the end of last year, the latest title in the DICE saga has been removed by players, so much so that the software is almost completely deserted today. However, the studio and EA have not dropped the case and want to win their community back. According to them, it’s now or never.

The Lone Soldier

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t convinced gamers, and that’s an understatement! The latest in the saga was literally knocked out by the vast majority of Electronic Arts and DICE FPS players and fans shortly after release. The failure is a return to the disappointing formula, a glaring lack of content and, above all, incessant errors. The community was so frustrated that she preferred to return to Battlefield 1a title more in line with his vision of the license.

Despite these disastrous returns, DICE didn’t want to abandon ship and continued to offer content throughout the seasons. One thing led to another, the studio’s work began to restore the colors to soft, which now looks more like what you would expect from a Battlefield game.

For the developers, the time has come to welcome back players and show them the full extent of their work. According to them, the game is “where it should have been when it launched”.

born again

The developers had recently given us their thoughts on Battlefield 2042 during the presentation of season 3. Asked by pc gamerthe studio was able to provide some details about the development of the game and now believes that the time has come to reconnect with its audience.

We have reached the stage where we want to welcome more players (for Battlefield 2042). And we hadn’t gotten this far before. We didn’t think it was fair to bring new players into a game where the experience wasn’t what it should be. This time we are there. I think that’s a good point for us. However, from a game service point of view, we always want to do more. We want this match to get better. – Ryan McArthurProducer

We’re very happy with the direction the game has taken and the direction it continues to take, and we want to express that in more than just words. We want people to jump in (on Battlefield 2042) and say “this is not at all what I expected”, given the opinions shared on the internet or otherwise. – Alexia Christofiassociate producer

Because yes, the title is still weighed down by scathing reviews online. “The launch wasn’t easy, let’s be honest”, as producer Nika Bender explains. The developers therefore hope that players will be able to ignore these opinions to give their title a second chance. However, they admit to having lost the “essence” of the saga when the game launched.

Players love chaos. But in this chaos, you need to feel smart. You have to make strategic choices. Chaos, just for chaos’ sake, isn’t always so much fun. – Ryan McArthur.

Battlefield 2042: a year later, the developers say they are ready to welcome players

For gamers

After this failure, the developers wanted to rehabilitate their game with the community by taking into account a maximum of feedback.

We aimed for the moon and planted ourselves. And I think it was really hard for us to postpone Season 1, but the team understood that it was for the right reasons. We had to focus on (how to incorporate player feedback into our work). – Alexia Christofi

Since last year, DICE has been collecting players’ opinions and listing them to be able to answer their expectations. So much so that Ryan McArthur now sees himself less as a “director” and more as a “translator”, an intermediary between the players and the studio.

Most of the feedback was negative – aggressively, aggressively negative – but they weren’t wrong. For us it was so necessary to deal with and understand, once the emotions were removed, what they were telling us, what they were missing. – Ryan McArthur

We encourage feedback from players and understand that they love Battlefield, have always loved Battlefield, and we have a lot to learn from them. – Alexia Christofi

The developers now hope that their work will be recognized at its fair value and that Battlefield 2042 will be able to appeal to players as much as its predecessors.

It was a rough launch, but the game is really good now. (…) Players want even more content. They would have preferred that we didn’t learn about it that way, but the conversations around the game are becoming more constructive, even positive in some cases. -Ryan McArthur

Hopefully all the changes made by DICE will pay off in the end. To get an idea, it is currently possible to test the game for free. An initiative to highlight the third season of software, which seems to be paying off as the top players keep climbing Steam. One to keep an eye on for the long term.

Battlefield 2042: a year later, the developers say they are ready to welcome players

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