At a Miami gas station, record inflation fuels mistrust for Biden

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This is record inflation in the United States. Year on year, prices rose 8.5% according to figures released this week by the Labor Department. Increase in the price of rents, gas and gasoline. The White House is questioning the war in Ukraine, but at the pump, many Americans are exasperated and are already thinking about the next election.

From our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

At the gas pump, when entering his credit card, Tom monitors the prices of the day. Inflation is at its highest for 40 years in the United States, and for this retired American army, the person responsible is all found: his name is Joe Biden. ” Two years ago, when Trump was in power, I was paying $1.50 / $1.75 a gallon. Today, it can exceed 4.50 per gallon! »

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This price increase also hits basic necessities and rents. Tom will also have to leave Miami, the city has become too expensive for him. ” 32% increase in one year! Our income is not growing as fast! Everything increases, the meat, the groceries. My mother is 81 years old, she is barely coping. Now people are starting to understand who Joe Biden really is “, he continues.

When people pay at the pump, it makes them think »

In the midterm elections in November, the Republican Party hopes to take advantage of this exasperation. This same, Scott Presley, a pro-Trump influencer very followed on the internet, came to set up his stand directly in this Miami gas station. His/Her message: against inflation, vote Republican! ” When people pay at the pump, it makes them think about the policies of the Biden administration he says.

But apart from inflation, the indicators are green: record growth, unemployment at its lowest. And if 90% of Republicans disapprove of Joe Biden’s economic policy according to the polls, 70% of Democrats are satisfied with it.


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