Are you the beneficiary of a dormant supplementary pension savings contract?

What is a supplementary pension insurance agreement?

As stated on the website, supplementary pension contracts are contracts used for fully compulsory pension.

More specifically, these subscribed products are:

  • by companies for the benefit of their employees (collective agreements)
  • or by natural persons – generally liberal professionals – (individual contracts).

In general, so-called escheated contracts relate to contracts entered into by companies for the benefit of their employees (see details below).

Why are a number of these contracts dormant?

A dormant contract is a contract which is not used by its beneficiary, the latter being unaware of its existence.

Most dormant contracts are contracts entered into by companies for the benefit of their employees. The risk of escheat is higher for this type of contract where membership was not directly executed at the initiative of the beneficiary.

In fact, the employee may be unaware or have forgotten that he is the beneficiary of a contract of this type. When the employee has moved or carried out professional mobility, the insurance company may also have difficulty finding the beneficiary.

How can you find a pension insurance agreement that you would benefit from?

To find all their supplementary retirement savings products, all employees, retired or still working, can now easily (and for free) check whether they are beneficiaries of one or more supplementary pension savings contracts.

To do this, go to the website to access the service. My retirement savings :

Access the My pension savings service

How do I use the “my pension savings” service?

This service is available and can be viewed online from a computer or tablet, but also via the mobile application “My pension account”.

To use this service, first log in with your social security number or use FranceConnect (this service allows for a simplified and secure connection to public online services).

As soon as your connection is established, willthe home screen allows you to immediately see if you are the beneficiary of one or more contracts. If a product is displayed, it actually means that you or one of your employers has contributed to an organization so that you can benefit from an additional pension. If, on the other hand, no product is displayed, it means that you do not hold any additional retirement savings product (or that it has been settled or that the capital has already been received).

For each product, depending on what has been communicated by the administrative body, the holder will have a certain amount of information (name and contact details of the administrative body, product type, contract effective date, provisional contract expiry, etc.).

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