“Are the French ready to pay 50 euros?” for a general practitioner, wonders Cnam

published on Thursday 1 December 2022 at 13:46.

“Are they ready for their supplemental health insurance to increase?” Cnam promises a write-up, but is worried about the doctors’ “slightly crazy” claim.

The liberal doctors, who are on strike on Thursday, demand in particular that the price for the consultation with the general practitioner be increased to 50 euros against 25 euros at present. A “significant” increase emphasized Thursday, December 1, Director General of the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam), Thomas Fatôme.

However, negotiations are underway, he assured, and a “revaluation of the tariffs” will be proposed.

“One of the shop stewards talked about a somewhat crazy project,” he explained further france info. I leave the paternity of this adjective to him. This is obviously significant, an increase of 100%.. Are the French ready to pay 50 euros? It costs 7 billion euros.”

“Are they ready for their supplementary health insurance to increase? These are obviously very, very high levels. We will once again carry out discussions which will accompany a write-up of the consultation”, it still read.

“According to him, the negotiations start with the liberal doctors. I wrote to them on Wednesday and I promised that we would actually implement price increases. We also have to talk about important issues in terms of access. We have a lot of policy holders who do not have a attending physician. How can we, with liberal doctors, save them medical time? Medicare has funded the physician assistant since 2019. And it works. Doctors who use a physician assistant increase what is called their active queue, the number of patients who see them by 10%.”

General practitioners see a million patients a day, so it is the key to the health of the French, insisted Thomas Fatôme. We enter this discussion. We will bring upgrades, but we must also talk about the topics of access to care, organization of care and how we meet the expectations of the French regarding access to care.

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