are the eight stadiums ready and how does Qatar manage the pitches?

In two months, the World Cup will begin in Qatar (November 20-December 18). All week, RTL has chosen to put down its suitcases in this emirate, which for a month will become the epicenter of world football. Tuesday 20 September close-up of the competition stadiums.

There are eight in total in an area barely larger in area than the Gironde department, eight enclosures that are only a few tens of kilometers apart and can hold up to 80,000 supporters. Here or there, there are still some works, but all came out of the ground for more than a year.

Seven of the eight stadiums were to be built at a cost of seven billion euros. The one of Lusail, which will host the final, was inaugurated 10 days ago. Defective air conditioning and complicated access conditions to the metro has shown that there are still adjustments to be made. After the World Cup, most stadiums will be partially dismantled to reduce crowds and converted to accommodate hotels or shopping malls.

A farm for growing grass

As for the lawns, they are closely monitored. Including base camps and training centers, 150 playgrounds must be looked after. The tiny emirate has built a farm north of Doha to grow grass and says it can replace 40 lawns in no time.

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