Apple Music moves away from Teslas as Elon Musk uses it behind the wheel of his car

Apple Music is not ready to arrive on Teslas yet. However, Elon Musk uses the streaming service at the wheel of his Tesla, but in Bluetooth.

The interior of a Tesla Model 3, for illustration // Source: Tesla

Article updated on July 19, 2022: Almost two years after detecting the presence of Apple Music in the source code of the software part of the Tesla, the hacker green just announced on Twitter that there were no more mentions of the Apple brand’s streaming service. As the site says Tesla Northmentions to Apple Music had been removed as early as December 2020, after the discovery of the hacker.

However, Elon Musk recently admitted that he listened to Apple Music streaming in his Tesla… via Bluetooth. We therefore imagine that the billionaire would like to be able to do without Bluetooth and integrate Apple Music into Teslas.

Original article from December 29, 2020:

At its last Battery Day conference, Tesla promised that it would soon introduce new music streaming platforms on the infotainment system of its vehicles. Obviously we are there, with support for Apple Music previewed in an update.

Until now confined mainly to Spotify, the infotainment system of Tesla vehicles will soon benefit from new blood in terms of music streaming. The thing had been promised by the firm of Elon Musk during its last Battery Day event, with the announcement of an upcoming deployment for new online music platforms.

If Tidal and its “lossless” catalog were first mentioned, it seems that Apple Music and Amazon Music will also be there. In this case, the deployment of the two services on the Californian manufacturer’s on-board system even seems imminent, their support having been seen in a Tesla software update.

Spotify will soon no longer be the main source of music in your Tesla

The thing was spotted and shared on Twitter by @greentheonly. Supporting photo, the interested party shows that the infotainment system of his Tesla now displays Apple Music and Amazon Music in the list of available sources from the audio settings. Until now, Spotify was the main solution for streaming music in a Tesla.

As illustrated by Greentheonly, the build Current Tesla software does not yet allow activation of Apple Music or Amazon Music. At first, only Tidal will actually be usable, but future system updates should unlock access to Apple and Amazon music services fairly quickly.

As indicated WCCFTech, Porsche Taycans are currently the only electric vehicles to support the Apple Music app. As we mentioned recently, Apple is nevertheless working on its own electric car. This “Apple Car” would be ready from 2024 or 2025 and could rely on revolutionary battery technology. If this vehicle sees the light of day, there is no doubt that Apple Music will find a place of choice there.

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