Apple messages stuck in 1990s, Google says

Another new spade from Google against Apple and its messaging system, which the Mountain View company now accuses of being in the 1990s. You guessed it, it was apparently Apple’s refusal to switch to RCS that was highlighted by his rival in a recent blog post. We are not ready to see the two giants agree on this point.

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30 years (and a few days) ago, the first SMS was sent. To mark the occasion, Google has published a blog post in honor of this technology and is taking the opportunity to announce the arrival of end-to-end encryption. But also, and above all, promoting the benefits of its successor, the RCS. Of course, this text is not innocent and is actually just another reason to take action for Apple.

It is now an old refrain between the two companies. Apple’s systematic refusal to share its message with RCS has always been a source of derision from Google, especially since the company doesn’t improve its case by always sulking about a potential Android version of iMessage. For Google, there is no possible doubt: Apple’s application remained fixed in the 1990s.

Google mocks Apple once again for denying RCS

“Today, all major carriers and mobile phone manufacturers have adopted RCS as standard, except Apple”writes Neena Budhiraja, product manager for Google Messages. “Apple refuses to use RCS and continues to rely on SMS when iPhone users text Android users, meaning their text messages are stuck in the 1990s”.

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Of course, it is very convenient for Google to make this kind of speech and to place itself systematically in front of its direct competitor, especially when several small features are significantly improving the experience on Google Messages. “Most of the mobile world uses RCS, except for one company that is dragging its feet. After 30 years of texting, it’s really about time[de passer au RCS]ยป.

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