Another dolphin found skinned on a beach

The cutouts on the back, frankly, don’t seem to leave any doubt. On Thursday, a dead and dismembered dolphin was “found on Bergère beach in La Barre-de-Monts, in the Vendée, by one of our supporters”, states Sea Shepherd France on social networks, photo in support.

According to the association, the animal was probably eaten by the fishermen who caught it. “Although not all fishermen engage in this strictly illegal practice, some still consider dolphins, a ‘protected’ species, as food,” laments the NGO.

Built-in cameras

Six months ago, a similar case had already been identified in the Vendée. Sightings “regular” enough on the French coast that Sea Shepherd France continues to demand the introduction of cameras on board fishing vessels as well as the banning of fishing areas frequented by dolphins “for non-selective vessels”.

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