“Anomalies” have been corrected at the Saône-et-Loire goat farm accused of “mistreatment” by the animal defense association L214

“Discrepancies” were corrected in the Saône-et-Loire goat farm, which at the end of October was accused of “mistreatment” by the animal defense association L214, we learned from the prefecture. Following a complaint lodged on 27 October by L214, an inspection of the Chevenet establishment in Saint-Maurice-de-Satonnay (Saône-et-Loire) was carried out by the veterinary services of the Department for the Protection of Populations (DDPP).

This inspection showed that the animals were “generally in good condition and without apparent stress”, the prefecture states, specifying that “no breach of the services provided by the staff present was found”.

The farm of 2,000 goats, which presents itself as the “European leader” of farm goat cheeses, had been accused by L214 of “locking” its animals “with the only access to the outside a concrete yard”, contrary to what the company’s website says. A video posted by L214 showed beaten animals as well as goats dying near bodies in a state of decomposition.

However, according to the prefecture, if a “high mortality peak” was indeed identified at the beginning of August, the period in which the images broadcast by L214 were recorded, it is “frequent at this time” and the inspection “does not make it possible to establish a connection” of this peak “with possible deficiencies in terms of animal protection and health”.

“However, a lack of compliance was found”, clarifies the inspection report, and in particular “a defect in the monitoring and isolation of sick or injured animals, with the absence of dedicated infirmary rooms and a defect in the care to be given to these animals”.

However, these deficiencies were the subject of a formal announcement by the breeder, who have since corrected them. “A new control visit carried out on November 29 made it possible to verify and evaluate the actions taken” and to lift the formal notification, according to the prefecture, which warns that unannounced controls will be carried out “in the coming months in order to ensure the sustainability of the improvements made”.

The Chevenet company, which condemned a “manipulation” of images by L214, had attributed this temporary excess mortality to the intense heat waves last summer.

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