And now tailor-made insurance for telecommuting

All domestic accidents are not always considered occupational accidents. Andrey Popov/Andrey Popov –

This insurance responds to the challenge of the increased time spent at home, which leads to a sharp increase in the number of accidents at home.

Are we well covered when we work remotely? In general, a fall or burns can be considered an occupational accident. And the employee can exercise his home insurance’s civil liability (RC) if he causes damage to others. “But there are a lot of holes in the racketnotes Audrey Barbier-Litvak, general manager of the start-up Offishall, specializing in the management of the place of presence for employees who work in a hybrid way. The increase in time spent at home leads to a sharp increase in domestic accidents. And not all are always considered occupational accidents. »

The start-up (50 customer companies, including BHV, BforBank, Carambar, etc.) has therefore, together with the insurance company Allianz, designed a professional life guarantee insurance (GAV) that covers serious accidents, the consequences of which result in a 25 per cent. of physical and mental integrity (invalid leg, etc.). Its special feature is that it covers both the employee and his family (spouse, children) who may be injured at home during the teleworking day.

This offer, the first of its kind, also offers assistance to people who work at home (psychological consultations, dietetics, childcare, etc.). This professional insurance can only be taken out by the employer, who automatically becomes a customer of Offishall… The start-up thinks big.


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