An old insurance driver at the check of Ornikar troublemaker of the driver’s license

The young company Ornikar, which was established ten years ago and which took advantage of the driver’s license, is now focusing on the development of the sale of insurance for young drivers. Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet, a seasoned insurance veteran who joined the company in March 2022 to lead Ornikar’s insurance business, has been named Group CEO.

Co-founder steps down as CEO

Benjamin Gaignault, the emblematic co-founder of the company, is stepping down as CEO. He had fought for his business to be recognized by the public authorities. He becomes chairman of the board and announces that he will focus on positioning and strategic orientations. Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet, on the other hand, has extensive experience in the world of insurance. For ten years he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions and risk management functions in Axa at group level. He then continued his career as Chief Financial Officer of Axa in the United Kingdom, then as Managing Director of Axa Insurance UK.

Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet was Chief Operating Officer of Covéa and CEO of MMA

Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet joined the Aviva Group in 2011 as Managing Director of Aviva France and member of the Group’s Executive Committee. In 2014 he worked for McKinsey as a senior advisor for the insurance practice in Europe, a role he will resume in 2019. Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet then joined the Covea group in 2015, first as COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the group with a focus on digitization and the digital transition between 2015 and 2017, then as CEO of MMA, a subsidiary of Covea in 2017.

In 2022, 1 in 2 young people bought at least one Ornikar product to train for a driver’s license, according to the company. ” I have always said that when the time comes, I would have the wisdom to entrust the position of CEO to the person best equipped to develop Ornikar explains Benjamin Gaignault, co-founder of Ornikar. The ambition is to make it an international leader. ” Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet has all the qualities and experience that enable us to write the new page in Ornikar’s history he continues.

Create a benchmark player in car insurance

This new growth phase is based on a strategy that we devised together with Benjamin and Flavien [NDLR : les deux fondateurs de Ornikar]. It is based on the consolidation and strengthening of our leadership in education and at the same time the creation of a benchmark player in car insurance responds Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet. ” We optimize synergies between our activities thanks to data and actuarial science. Many experienced professionals, most of whom come from large insurance groups, come to strengthen the team. he continues.

It is a matter of bringing a real ecosystem of mobility to the service of young people »

It is a matter of bringing a real ecosystem of mobility to the service of young people He ends. ” Philippe’s profile and qualities will give Ornikar the opportunity to develop powerfully. This new page being written with him is an ambitious maturity and I am happy to benefit from his experience. responds Flavien le Rendu, co-founder of Ornikar.

Ornikar aims to establish itself as an international leader in access to mobility and more broadly to autonomy at the service of young people. The company was founded less than ten years ago by Benjamin Gaignault and Flavien le Rendu. The platform is used for driver training in France with 2.5 million customers supported. Ornikar claims that the conditions for learning driving license are almost 35% cheaper.

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