Amid a gasoline shortage, a new electric shift

In the midst of a period of petrol shortages, Emmanuel Macron wants to accelerate the transition to electric motorization. At least that is the meaning of the announcements they made on Sunday 16 October in an interview with the newspapers The echoes.

Increasing the organic bonus

As he is going to the opening of the Paris Motor Show today, the President of the Republic first announced one increasing the organic bonus for the most modest households.

At present, the exact scope of the future beneficiaries is not known, unlike the size of the bonus: they will be able to benefit from a check 7000 euros (against 6,000 euros today) for the purchase of one electric car sold for under 47,000 euros.

For insecure households, the bonus thus returns to the 2021 level. Back then, the bonus was 7,000 euros. It was then lowered to 6,000 euros for everything this year, as it had to be lowered again by 1,000 euros this summer. It was also last August that the eligibility value of vehicles went from 45,000 to 47,000 euros.


Which electric car should you choose in 2022?

This improvement makes it possible to obtain the bonus on several of the vehicles that appear in the top 10 best-selling electric cars in 2022 (Renault M├ęgane E-Tech, Fiat 500 electric, Dacia Spring, Peugeot e-208), with the exception of Tesla. There is of course also a risk of late deliveries, due to many lack of work in the automotive industry.

Above all, such an incentive is likely to promote employment outside France at the moment. According to a recent study, almost 90,000 of the 100,000 electric vehicles sold in France were sold in the first half of the year. was imported. So such bonuses also benefit the national economy, the president also promised “strong support” of the European car industry in the face of Chinese and American competition.

There are thus no less than a million electric cars”made in france” which is expected in 2027, at the end of its second five-year period, and 2 million in 2030, whereas manufacturers currently sell about 100,000 a year, largely imported.

Which electric car for 100 euros a month?

Other difficulties often mentioned: lack of electrical terminals in self-service, despite a promise of 100,000 pieces of equipment at the end of last year, the risk of social damage for workers in the thermal sector, the source and cost of the electrical energy used, etc.

On this last point, Emmanuel Macron also announcedextension of the tariff shield for charging electric cars. In order not only to encourage purchase, a electric car rental for 100 euros per month for the most modest households, should also be established for the second half of 2023.

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