Ameli: how do you register your health insurance?

When you take out supplemental health insurance, in other words a mutual insurance company, Social Security generally arranges to send the information about your health payments directly to your mutual insurance company so that you can get reimbursed. This therefore means that your mutual must be connected to Social Security for everything to work properly, with the minimum number of steps to take on your side thanks to remote transfer.

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Generally, the first instinct we have is to consider that we should go to our Ameli account to register our mutual insurance there. But this is not quite the case: it is actually up to your health fund to take steps to activate the remote transmission! To give him permission to do so, you must send him either by e-mail or by post or through his site a certificate of rights. This can be obtained on the Ameli website, in the “My Procedures” section, then “My Information”. Once this document has been sent to your supplementary health insurance, it will be necessary to wait a few days before the remote transfer is operational.

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