Amber Heard’s mother allegedly thought Elon Musk gave the actress a booby-trapped Tesla

Amber Heard once thought that Elon Musk had given him a You’re here trapped. A lot of things happened around theactressAquaman and the founder of SpaceX. During his trial against Johnny Depp, the billionaire’s name appeared several times. Heard started dating Musk after his divorce with JD.

But some believe she cheated on Depp with him, and even intimate footage of the duo in the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s penthouse has gone viral. Additionally, it is rumored that Elon donated his sperm and is the biological father of Heard’s daughter, Oonagh.

But did you know there was a time when it was rumored thatAmber Heard got a bugged Tesla from Elon Musk? According to the DailyMail, a court document claims that Paige, the mother from Amber hearing, was convinced that Elon, her “controlling” ex-boyfriend, had given her the car with a snitch. It was also said that the actress’ mother preferred Johnny Depp to the billionaire.

These claims were made by Jennifer Howell, who was a close friend of the sister ofAmber Heard, Whitney Henriquez. “Paige (Amber’s mother) told me while I was visiting Whitney that Elon Musk had gifted a Tesla or several Teslas (not sure if it was one or several) but Amber found out that they were bugged. »

Additionally, Howell also claimed that Amber’s mother said Elon was “controlling” and compared him to Johnny Depp. Paige reportedly called the Pirates of the Caribbean star an “angel” or a “saint” and wished her daughter was reunited with him.

But now we all know thatAmber Heard and Johnny Depp will not meet. While we don’t know if the actress received a bugged Tesla, Elon Musk hoped Heard and Depp would move on when responding to a tweet and called them “incredible” during the trial.

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