Almost 70% of the French were disappointed after buying their home

Difficult search, compromise, bad surprises… Many recent buyers regret buying their home. In a Qualitel survey with Ipsos, almost 70% said so.

Selection criteria for future buyers

Buying an apartment or a house is not a trivial act. It takes time and energy because you have to be sure of yourself. But still, despite all the attention they give to it, some are disappointed. The Qualitel association with Ipsos surveyed French home owners to find out more about research, before, during and after.

Before researching, ask yourself the question important criteria for you is important. The French pay particular attention to several things:

  • 59% look at the price and the presence of an exterior;

  • 56%, the desired housing type;

  • 60%, the location of the housing for an apartment and 51%, parking available.


Unpleasant surprises after the purchase

When the home has been found and the home made, 68% of respondents were disillusioned : unpleasant surprises that they had not seen or foreseen. The most cited problems are related to sound and heat insulation:

  • the cold in winter for 17% of respondents;
  • noise from neighbors for 16%;
  • too much heat in summer for 13%;
  • street noise for 12%;
  • and even housing and expenses for 11%.

Faced with these contingencies, more than half of the buyers had to perform work, while for some of them unpleasant surprises could have been avoided during the visits. This is the case for the energy performance diagnosis (EPD): 45% of buyers have not looked at the class of their home, although it is important to know this to know the insulation of the walls and thus the level of their electricity bill. They also say 50% did not note the date of construction of their home, 49% did not look enough at the ventilation system and a further 41% did not look at the quality.

The mistake of not visiting before the purchase? 84% of buyers did 1 to 2 visits to the property, which is shortly before a significant purchase. But among them, 25% would have preferred to do more and even 32% among those under 35.

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