Allianz France: commitment to Pink October

From 1 to 31 October, Allianz France is committed to Pink October. Purpose: to promote the fight against breast cancer. On this occasion, Allianz France will finance a FISH scanner for the benefit of the Institut Curie for better breast cancer screening.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. There are 58,500 new cases every year[1] is diagnosed in France. Much progress has been made in the prevention, screening and treatment of this disease, which has made it possible to significantly reduce the number of deaths from cancer. Although breast cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer among women in France, it is possible to prevent and detect it at an early stage thanks to medical examinations and regular screening. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the greater the chances of recovery.

The prevention and support of health risks is a priority for Allianz France, which mobilizes together with its customers, its employees and medical research in favor of the fight against cancer and the inclusion of those affected by this disease.

For this edition, Allianz France, with the support of its distribution networks, is launching a solidarity operation. From October 1 to November 15, for every new private contract signed, Allianz France will donate 1 euro to the Institut Curie to finance a FISH scanner[2] to screen for breast cancer. This state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to obtain a very precise result of the location of the tumor and thus favor targeted and less invasive therapies.

Allianz France has also produced a breast self-examination video. Intended for employees, customers and the public, this video explains the proper steps to perform a self-examination. Performed on a regular basis, this examination can make it possible to detect an anomaly at an early stage, even if you feel in good health.
This video is available on the website, which has a dedicated space for information and advice to support patients and their loved ones. A cancer awareness program is also available for customers and employees (web conference with experts, complete guide, association directory, etc.).

This summer and until September 25, many Allianz France employees participated in the “20,000 bookmarks for Curie” solidarity challenge. More than 3,000 pink bookmarks have been produced. To support this commitment, Allianz France will pay the equivalent in donations in favor of research.

Allianz France, which has been engaged for 4 years together with the Institut Curie, is thus strengthening its support for cancer research. In 2022, almost 1,400 employees took part in the connected “daffodil against cancer” race. Covering almost 59,500 km, they enabled Allianz France to take first place on the company’s podium for the second consecutive year. A commitment from employees combined with a commitment from the company, which paid the equivalent in euros for the benefit of this cause.

In addition, for 38 years the Allianz-Institut de France Foundation has supported basic research in France by funding a prize that annually rewards a medical or biomedical team whose scientific work can lead to clinical, preventive or curative applications. In 2021, this prize was awarded to Nicolas Manel, Inserm Research Director, head of the “Innate Immunity” team at the Institut Curie.
Thus, since 1984, the Allianz-Institut de France Foundation has supported and rewarded almost 40 researchers in different disciplines for their pioneering work, which has significantly advanced research: the embryonic development of muscles and vertebrae (Pr. Pourquié-2011), the epidemiology of ​​HIV in Africa (Pror. Auvert-2009), the predisposition to viral and bacterial diseases in children (Pror. Casanova-2008), resistance of bacteria to antibiotics (Pror. Courvalin-2005), the mechanisms regulating gene expression (Pror. Egly -2002), identification of a new intercellular communication mechanism (Prof. Prochiantz-2001), the human genome and its clinical applications (Prof. Thomas-1998), transgenesis techniques (Drs Mathis and Benoist-1997), the genetic map (Prof. Weissenbach -1996) or even degenerative diseases (Pr. Agid-1995) and myopathies (Pr. Fardeau-1985).

“Having established a long-term relationship between Allianz France employees and the Institut Curie, we are very proud to take another step by involving all our 1,800 Allianz France General Agents in this new edition of Pink October. . Cancer is a reality for everyone personally or through our loved ones. With the operation one contract = 1 euro, which depends entirely on the dynamism of our general agents, Allianz France will fully finance a FISH scanner for breast cancer screening. It is another stone in our commitment to to prevent and support health risks, at the heart of Allianz France’s business, in addition to the significant contribution that our Allianz-Institut de France for Medical Research has made for 38 years” explains Marie Doha Besancenot, CSR , Brand & Communication Director at Allianz France.

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