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Google Tables is a tool for project management and workflow automation. Competitor to Airtable, this spreadsheet 2.0 combines spreadsheet, database and no code development.

Google Tables, what is it?

Launched in 2020 in the United States, Google Tables is an online database management platform offered by Google. It lets you manage tasks, projects, track budgets, schedule events, record customer data, and more.

Google Tables is a great option for teams and individuals who want to improve their productivity and collaborate better. It allows you to develop management and activity monitoring tools without having to enter any code (in no code mode).

What are the main features of Google Tables?

Google Tables allows you to create a database from models of cards, lists or Kanban boards. He can schedule the sending of e-mails, messages or reports. In a company, it makes it possible to carry out customer follow-up, develop a product or recruit a team. It is useful for creating forms and assigning tasks to employees. The Google ecosystem allows you to import a file from Google Sheets and populate an address with Google Maps.

Why use Google Tables?

Google Tables provides significant time savings when monitoring a project. It automates recurring tasks that a company’s employees must perform. Productivity and collaboration are thus improved. Online data security is provided by the Google cloud.

For example, Google Tables allows you to create a project management tool that combines list or kanban board. © JDN / Capture

Google Tables API

Google Tables has an API in RESTful format that is accessible from the Google Cloud console or the Google Workspace ecosystem. The user can easily find tables and create rows, update them or delete them.

Is Google Tables free?

There is a version of Google Tables for zero dollars per month per person. This offer is intended for a single individual or professional user. It includes 100 tables, 1,000 rows, 1 GB attachments and 50 actions. History, shares, forms, automation and views are limited.

What is the price of Google Tables?

The paid version of Google Tables is billed at $10 per month per user. It is intended for businesses and teams seeking increased productivity and collaboration. It includes 1,000 tables, 10,000 rows, 10 GB attachments and 500 actions. It includes improved history, shares, forms, automation and views.

Google Tables vs. Air table

Airtable and Google Tables make it possible to create databases without code in the form of maps, lists or Kanban boards. Google Tables stands out for its ecosystem used by millions of users. It allows you to embed a Google Sheets file, share data and assign tasks to Google users.

Google Tables vs Notion

Google Tables uses databases to improve business productivity by automating their workflows. The Notion application is focused on the teamwork area and revolves around a collaborative note-taking tool as well as a document manager.

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