AG2R La Mondiale Life Insurance: 2022 rates from 1.08% to 3.25% depending on contracts and performance bonuses – Savings guide

AG2R La Mondiale: Price Increase 2022

La Mondiale has decided to increase the average return on funds in euros for its contracts by +0.35% compared to 2021, to bring it to 1.76% for 2022. All rates published by insurance companies are net of fees, administration costs and gross social security and tax contributions.

Prices 2022

The 2022 yield for the main life insurance contracts in euros marketed by La Mondiale is thus between:

  • 1.08% for multi-support savings contracts in the Vivépargne / Vivépargne 2 series;
  • 1.25% to 3.25% for the Terre de Vie policy supported by General Assets (as per performance bonuses);
  • 1.20% to 2.20% for PER contracts with La Mondiale (Ambition) (depending on management methods).

For Benoit Courmont, member of the AG2R LA MONDIALE Group Management Committee responsible for pension savings and assets: ” La Mondiale thus offers its policyholders attractive compensation in 2022 and our stock of provision for profit participation will enable us to support the increase in remuneration for contracts in euros in the long term. This policy will be continued in 2023, with particularly significant additional bonuses that will be offered in real estate savings through specific campaigns, in particular bonuses on deposits of up to 1.75%. We will also offer guaranteed products in the form of units of account, giving a return of more than 3.25% net “.

Required performance bonuses

La Mondiale has continued to provide a bonus on the yield of Euro cars to policyholders who have chosen to also have significant vehicles in savings units (up to +2.00%) or have chosen management per additional pension horizon (+1.00% for La Mondiale PER contracts).

Life insurance Offered bonuses 2022 and conditions Latest published returns, excluding bonuses (7)
Bonuses (1) Affected financial flows(2) % of the contract in units of account Total contract amount
% min UC(3) % max CPU(4) Minimum capital(5) Max. capital(6)

The Land of Life
+2,000% Capital invested in the Eurofund 80% 100% €0 €0 1.250% gross PS

1.04% net PS

+1,200% Capital invested in the Eurofund 60% 80% €0 €0
+1,000% Capital invested in the Eurofund 50% 60% €0 €0
+0.800% Capital invested in the Eurofund 40% 50% €0 €0

List of contracts sorted by insurance company name.

(1) : Dividend in basis points to be added to the Eurofund’s dividend (expressed in %) or bonus calculated by the Eurofund’s dividend multiplied by the multiplier coefficient (expressed as a multiplication, for example: x 0.40, to indicate an additional bonus of 40% of the return on the Eurofund).

(2) : Indicates whether the performance bonus is available via one or more new payments, or whether it is only available via arbitration, or whether it applies to all the capital invested in the relevant Eurofund under the specified conditions (split of the outstanding amount over the units of account). This check can be carried out by quarter, average over the year (case of Generali).

(3) : Minimum allocation of capital in units of account to be eligible for performance bonus.

(4) : Maximum allocation of capital in units of account to be eligible for performance bonus.

(5) : Minimum amount of capital that must be paid or settled to be eligible for the performance bonus.

(5) : Maximum capital amount eligible for performance bonus.

(7) : Last return, excluding bonuses, after deduction of management fees and gross of social contributions, and on the next line, this same return after deduction of management fees and net of social contributions.

Good news, this policy will be maintained in 2023 with new deposit bonuses that will be offered.

Provision for profit sharing (PPE)

The stock of provisions for profit participation, which represents 4% of La Mondiale’s euro outstanding at the end of 2022, will allow the increase in remuneration for contracts in euro to be supported in the long term.


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