Advances on group insurance used for energy-saving work

You can finance part of the investments designed to improve your home’s energy performance thanks to your supplementary pension scheme with your employer, P&V conveniently reminds on its blog.

The majority of employees benefit from group insurance through their employer, which allows them to save during their careers for when they retire to have a capital or annuity. Most of these contracts allow for withdraw part of the pre-created reserve, in specific cases. The money must be used for To get, build or improve a property real estate (main residence or secondary residence) located in the European Economic Area (EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

“Across all cases, the increase in requests for advances remains marginal, but we have the impression that employers are communicating more about this option.”

Gerrit Feyaerts

AG Insurance spokesperson

This includes energy renovation works, such as installing solar panels or insulation work. And apparently it is one opportunity, which is increasingly exploited.

“We actually found an increase in advance requests“, says Gerrit Feyaerts, spokesman forAG Insurance. “On all files, this remains marginal, but we have the impression that employers are communicating more about this option.” If the group insurance manager does not have an overview of the number of inquiries directly linked to energy saving works, he assumes that this is what explains this trend.

P&V notes in turn a increase in advance requests among employees, but especially among independents where the increase is “significant”. “Analysis shows that these advances are in demand in connection with energy saving projects (solar panels, heat pumps and insulation)”, says Julien Hayen, spokesman. “It is faster than other types of loans and more attractive in terms of costs”, he adds.

In the house of Axon the other hand, “our team has not observed an increase advance requests.

How much?

On mypension.bedo you find the amount of the reserve you have already created as part of your supplementary pension. Most pension scheme rules allow for possibility to take part of this reserve (60 to 70% generally). The guaranteed return is always provided on the part that is withdrawn, but you must pay interest on the latter.


The average reserve of a supplementary pension scheme currently amounts to €24,106according to

On this basisso you would have direct access to capital incl between 14,400 and 16,800 euros to finance your work. You do not have to repay this advance, but around 25 euros in interest will be deducted from your net salary each month,” says P&V.

At AG Insurance, “The maximum amount you can take under an advance depends, among other things, on the remaining duration of the contract and the chosen method of paying interest on the advance amount. You have to choose between paying annual interest. , repaying the full interest when you receive your supplementary pension, or repay your advance. If you choose to pay annual interest, you have the choice between fixed or variable interest.” “Depending on the insured’s personal situation, tax deductions for interest can even be considered,” adds Gerrit Feyaerts. that minimum advance amount is set at 5,000 euros.

60 to 70%

created reserves

Most pension schemes allow for the withdrawal of a part (60 to 70% in general) of the constituted reserve.

You can repay in whole or in part at any time your move. The part that is not repaid when you receive your supplementary pension will simply be deducted from the paid-in capital.

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