absent from the half-cycle, Adrien Quatennens voted

Still LFI deputy from the north, Adrien Quatennens is on sick leave after admitting domestic violence. But the elected official participates in public votes in the National Assembly by “delegation of vote”, his political group suggested on Wednesday, October 12. A situation criticized by the majority.

Adrien Quatennens resigned from the coordination of La France insoumise in mid-September after admitting violence against his wife, who has since filed a complaint, and he has not sat in parliament since.

By delegating his right to vote to a colleague, however, the deputy from the north has since Monday taken part in a series of public opinion polls in the National Assembly to oppose the budget texts or the reform of the unemployment insurance. “He is on sick leave. He has the right to vote,” responded LFI vice-president and chairman of the finance committee, Eric Coquerel, to the association of parliamentary journalists.

It is morally very transgressive to say that we are in the background and that we are there to vote

Erwan Balanant, MoDem MP for Finistère

A “personal voting delegation”, drawn up in the name of a single named MEP, is indeed permitted in certain cases – illness, temporary mission entrusted by the government… – according to the order of 7 November 1958 on the subject.

Several parliamentarians from the majority have criticized this situation. “We cannot be there by correspondence, I ask LFI to clarify its position. Is Adrien Quatennens in retirement or not?“, deputy MoDem Erwan Balanant launched in front of the press. “It is morally very transgressive to say that we are in withdrawal and that we are there to vote”, he assessed.

“Let him at least take the trouble not to delegate the vote, let him assume that he is not there. (…) It is not responsible. What image of politics do we give to the French?” , added his colleague from the majority, Prisca Thévenot (Renaissance).

“It is normal, he is sick. He has the right to give his delegation. It was played with one or two votes each time. (…) In this case, I am happy to ‘Have your vote to fight against those most extreme laws,’ replied the rebellious Raquel Garrido.

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