Abeille Assurances pays for Aviva France

Several Abeille Assurances companies are fined for late payment of invoices attributable to Aviva France. The total bill is 397,000 euros. In detail, the fines amount to 110,000 euros for Abeille Vie, 185,000 euros for Abeille IARD and Health, 90,000 euros for Abeille Assurance Holding and 12,000 euros for Abeille Retraite Professionnelle. The facts were noted by the services of the Regional Directorates of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DRIEETS) as part of an investigation launched by the DGCCRF. “The aforementioned fine relates to violations committed in a period prior to the health emergency following the Covid-19 epidemic“, specifies the DGCCRF.

The four official reports were against Aviva France, Aviva Assurances, Aviva Retraite Professionnelle and Aviva Vie. “The conditions for which we are sanctioned therefore go back to 2019, we have taken the necessary measures and are implementing a remedial plan.», explains a spokesperson for Abeille Assurances. In fact, bought by Aéma in September 2021, Aviva France thus became Abeille Assurances, a subsidiary of the mutualist group, together with Macif and Aésio.

Abeille Assurances pays particular attention to paying its invoices on time. All teams in Abeille Assurances have mobilized (sometimes in collaboration with suppliers) to streamline the process of paying invoices and ensure timely payment from their suppliers.“, concludes the spokesperson.


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