A wild bear takes a selfie 400 times. Find out the result.

Little is known, but bears can be very mischievous. To be convinced, just take a look at these selfies taken … by a black bear! The pictures are already going around the world.

Photo : Boulder OSMP

It happened in a nature park in Colorado. While roaming its territory, a black bear spotted a surveillance camera, approached … and triggered the camera almost 400 times, like a selfie-loving influencer.

When the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) staff discovered these images, they were naturally surprised by the images and immediately decided to share them with the public via social networks:

OSMP spokesman Philip Yates said in a statement:

“This bear took an interest in our camera and took the opportunity to take hundreds of selfies. These pictures made us laugh. We thought they would also amuse other people.”

Basically, these surveillance cameras are used to study the presence and movement of wild animals in the nature park. This will also have served to make us laugh. So much the better!

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