a soon expected release with a new WearOS

The arrival of the first connected watch designed by Google could be imminent. In addition, clues suggest that it would usher in a new version of Wear OS.

3D rendering of the Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser and Rendersbyian

The Pixel Watch has become an Arlesian. For almost as long as Android Wear (the ancestor of Wear OS) has been around, there have been rumors, with varying degrees of intensity, of the possibility of Google launching its own smartwatch. But since 2021, the noises of the corridors are more and more significant, accompanied moreover by rather credible 3D renderings (even if they come from John Prosser, a very controversial source).

See you at the Google I/O?

It was also John Prosser who indicated last March that the Pixel Watch would have a place of choice at the Google I / O, next May, but would only be launched with the Pixel 7, next October. Information that seems to be confirmed, at least in part.

The very famous (and very reliable) Evan “evleaks” Blass claims that “it won’t be long nowbefore seeing the Pixel Rohan, code name assigned to the one that is more commonly known as Pixel Watch.

Won’t be long now. pic.twitter.com/kIry1QdYNK

—Ev (@evleaks) April 15, 2022

In addition, the image provided as proof by the former journalist indicates that the watch in question would run on Wear OS 3.1, a version which is not yet official and which could see the light of day during the Google conference dedicated to developers next month. It was during this event, in 2021, that Google unveiled Wear OS 3.0.

Given the version number of this OS, this update should not bring any radical changes to the system. It must be said that version 3.0 was already a major overhaul…

There is therefore almost no doubt now that the Google I / O will be the scene of the presentation of all or part of this long-awaited connected watch. It remains to be seen now if John Prosser had been right in announcing that it would only be available 4 months later.

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