A revaluation of almost 7% of the social security cap

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Following the publication of the social security funding bill for the year 2023, the new annual social security ceiling (PASS) will soon be revealed by the government in the Official Gazette. So far, it should experience a 6.9% appreciation, which will probably affect the size of the contributions from the mutual health insurance.

According to the Swedish Social Security Agency’s Accounting Commission, the ceiling will increase as well 6.9% for the year 2023. A sharp increase that will affecthealth insurance.

How is the social security ceiling reassessed?

Like the minimum wage, the social security cap is reassessed every year by the government. The evaluation of this scale is mainly based on salary development. Exceptionally, this ceiling was not increased in 2022 due to the unprecedented economic context due to the health crisis.

But in 2023, the scenario is completely different. In fact, the average salary per population increased. In the first quarter of 2022, INSEE estimatedincrease in the average salary per population to 6.1%.

Who is concerned about the revaluation of this ceiling?

This ceiling is a reference scale for calculating many social benefitsto know :

For health and dependants’ insurance, this mark-up of almost 7% will certainly have several consequences, especially on the price of the health insurance or the size of the early or death pension.

It is also an indicator that companies have been eagerly waiting for. This ceiling is used to calculate:

  • Social contributions on wages, unemployment, old-age insurance and supplementary pension schemes;
  • Social benefits social Security;
  • Allowances is paid to students in practice.

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