A new temporary bird flu control zone in Isère

This has become the rule in light of the “bird flu” threat in France. Each discovery of a wild bird contaminated with the disease results in the establishment of a “temporary control” zone within a radius of 20 km, where additional precautions are taken. These areas have been created for at least 21 daysif no other cases arise within its scope before then.

This Friday, a new area appears after the discovery of a seagull victim of bird flu in Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu (69). This new area concerns 68 municipalitieswhosespecifies the prefecture of Isère, 25 were already in the ZCTs created on 10 and 18 January 2023 after the discovery of positive seagulls in Lyon and Saint-Genis-Laval, then in Loire-sur-Rhône“.

The list of municipalities affected by the new zone

List of municipalities in the new bird flu ZCT

Isère prefecture

list of municipalities (continued)

Isère prefecture

My France: Energy savings

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