a motorcyclist without a driver’s license and without insurance flashed at 172 km/h

By Thomas Mankowski

He was surprised on Sunday 16 October at high speed on the National 11, between La Rochelle and Niort

The pilot of a motorcycle returned without its engine capacity on Sunday 16 October in Charente-Maritime. It was flashed at 172 km/h on the National 11 between La Rochelle and Niort, road limited to 110 km/h.

The motorcyclist was driving in the direction of Deux-Sèvres when he was checked by the gendarmes of the motorized brigade in La Rochelle at high speed. He was intercepted around 4pm at NuaillĂ©-d’Aunis.

In addition to the speeding violations, it turns out that the perpetrator was driving without a driver’s license, which had already been revoked, and without insurance. The motorcycle was seized. Its owner will have to explain himself to the Criminal Court of La Rochelle.

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