a man overwhelmed by the pressure of WhatsApp groups prefers to leave them

Overwhelmed by the many notifications of selfies, videos and messages, Thomas D’Orazio, father living in Pennsylvania (USA) announced last week that he was leaving the family WhatsApp group. It was his daughter who shared the message on Twitter.

“I can’t stand the pressure of always having to laugh or like or add hearts to everyone’s thought, photo and joke,” wrote Thomas D’Orazio. “For future posts: I love them, I laugh at them, or I like them, unless it’s not okay, then I don’t like them. Forever,” he continued. “I can’t live with this pressure. I’m leaving.”

Viewed nearly 15 million times, and shared by more than 34,000 people, this message seems to resonate with many families who confide in the post who are living the same pressures. “My dad called me and ironically told me he had a million texts to answer right now,” his daughter commented two days after the tweet.

Since the boom in telecommuting due to the COVID-19 crisis, “digital burnout” has multiplied, whether through work or family groups. In France, according to the latest BVA barometer on hyper-connectivity, we spend an average of 4.50 a day in front of a screen, it goes up to 7.13 for managers. And we spend an average of 1h46 on social networks, according to data collected by Statista, emphasizes FranceInfo.

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