a man arrested for driving without a license or insurance, three tethered goats found in his trunk| NEWS

A man without a driver’s license or insurance was arrested by the police at the wheel of a vehicle in Tourcoing (Nord) on Monday afternoon. Three tied goats were found in his trunk.

An unusual arrest. A 37-year-old driver was arrested on Monday afternoon behind the wheel of a Peugeot by the police in Tourcoing (Nord). Three chained goats were found in the vehicle.

The 30-year-old was driving a Peugeot when he was subjected to a traffic control by police, La Voix du Nord reported. The vehicle had neither technical inspection nor insurance, and the driver did not have a driving license.

Law enforcement also found three goats tied up in the car, according to regional media.

The animals were taken care of by the Animal Protection Association, La VDN said.

The man was remanded in custody for lack of insurance, driving license and transport of animals.

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