A lot of duck farms pinned by the L214 association for mistreatment

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The association published this Tuesday on YouTube pictures taken in a duck farm in the canton of Lacapelle-Marival. She criticizes a breeder for mistreating his ducks during force-feeding and for not respecting sanitary conditions.

The animal welfare association L214 has just struck down at Lotten. This Tuesday she published a video on Youtube which points to a farmer from the canton of Lacapelle-Marival who, according to her, produces for La Quercynoise (Capel group) or even Maistres d’Occitanie. The photos taken by the association show the force-feeding of ducks in an operating room. “The ducks are sick, some are exhausted, others already dead, their beaks are still overflowing with pâté”, comments Alexandra Rosenfeld, the former Miss France who supports the association.

She continues: “The floor of the cages where they remain locked is wire mesh which causes them injuries to their legs. What these animals go through is unbearable”. In addition to condemning the force-feeding method, the association accuses the farmer of mistreating his three-month-old ducks, which this year are exceptionally force-fed due to bird flu and a lack of ducklings.

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“We were alerted by a professional who works with this operation”, explains Sébastien Arsac, the association’s spokesman. It is this professional from the agricultural sector who would have succeeded in filming the forced feeding in the farm, because the militants from L214 never came to the scene. “In the lot you can expect artisanal and traditional production, but it is an industrial room as seen in the Vendée or in the Landes, a forced-feeding room with a pneumatic pump, where the ducks are in collective cages, on a wire mesh floor and that everyone has injured their legs”.

“The grids are up to standard”

According to him, the animals developed dermatitis-like inflammations on their paws. “Because of the promiscuity, they injure themselves while moving, dermatitis bleeds because the equipment is not suitable,” he adds. “The specificity of this exploitation is that we have observed a high mortality, the ducks are more nervous and have a heart that takes less shock than the males, moreover the dead ducks are piled up at the end of the room,” he continued.

The attached breeder admits: “The dead ducks, I put them in a cleaning tank, but it is true that when they die in the morning, I only put them in this tank in the evening”. For the rest, he assures him: he has nothing to blame himself for. “The grids are up to standard and comply with the rules, they do not harm the animals”. He claims to respect the sanitary conditions. “It’s simple, if you mistreat the animals, they die, and the ducks are very fragile to force-feed, so I’m particularly careful,” he says. The association announced on Tuesday afternoon that it would lodge a complaint with the state attorney in Lotten for ill-treatment. The Cahors prosecutor’s office did not confirm this information.

For the Capel group, sanity must be guarded. And be careful. “I saw the video, the images are necessarily shocking, but we do not know in what conditions they were taken and they do not reflect the reality of the sector”, explains Pierre-Olivier Prévot, the director of the cooperative. He does not “dispute”, but neither does he “make accusations”. “We support the breeder in advance because we have teams in the field, vets, and we have invested a lot in animal welfare. If the mistreatment is proven, the board will decide”, he blurts out.

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