a lawyer from La Rochelle imprisoned after threats with a weapon

Arrested in La Rochelle, tried in Poitiers and imprisoned in Vivonne

The threats with weapons had gone crescendo until a video of shooting with a crossbow and a threatening message – “it will go very badly” – addressed on June 28 to Fouras to the president of La Rochelle, Me Catherine Cibot-Degommier. The profession of the suspect prevented for the serenity of the debates to seize the justice of La Rochelle, it is therefore in Poitiers, that Me Brossy had to appear for five acts of violence with a weapon, threat with a weapon against a lawyer and transport of weapons.

As luggage, in fact, the trunk of the Mercedes looked more like a traveling armory: compressed air pistol, short-barreled rifle, crossbow, machete…

Under medication

The appearance of the lawyer, placed in pre-trial detention on Sunday by a judge of freedoms and detention in view of his trial on Monday, July 4, finally came to an end. The reason: a suicide attempt in detention, according to the president, who did not provide more information. The psychiatrist who had seen the 50-year-old during his police custody had found a man in complete confusion, on medication, believing that his discernment could have been altered during the commission of the alleged acts.

The only question that arose on Monday for the court was to decide the fate of the imprisoned lawyer. Prosecutor Cyril Lacombe requested his continued detention both for his own protection and to avoid any new offense in the face of “aggressive behavior with repeated and increasingly close acting out”. What worries Me Céline Bonneau, lawyer for her colleague from La Rochelle who is absent from the hearing, is her state of health. “The facts are serious and I wonder about the choice of procedure that was made. It would have been necessary to launch deeper analyzes to understand these facts. »

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