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The written question on ill-treatment of the unemployed asked by Hadrian ClouetLFI/NUPES deputy for Haute-Garonne, on July 12, 2022 received a response on October 18, 2022. Given the usual delays that were complained about on many occasions, when it is not the total absence of response, we would end with finding out that ‘a little over three months is good!

If the answer is not complete and in particular ignores the question of the consequences of late renewal of residence permits, it illustrates how difficult it is for many job seekers to assert their rights because they do not understand them.

The member mentions “Meanwhile, the extraordinary extension of the accession period, presented as an achievement, has reduced the rights of thousands of people“, the minister gives the following explanation

“Regarding the extraordinary extension of the attachment reference period (PRA) of the periods of health restrictions, a measure combined with the measure to extend unemployment insurance rights for jobseekers during the health crisis, the extension of the PRA aims to protect jobseekers who have had difficulty to find a job during this period. The PRA extension measure is favorable for jobseekers who have worked a little after the 1st birth, as they previously worked regularly. This measure makes it possible to integrate longer worked periods and thus reach the minimum duration of attachment , required to open a right or a longer duration of association. It may be unfavorable for some jobseekers, especially those with fragmented periods of employment over the entire extended reference period. The measure may therefore lead to an increase in the divisor of the reference daily wage (SJR) by looking for periods of inactivity or low-paid periods that would not have been taken into account without extending the PRA. However, these undesirable effects are limited by the neutralization in the calculation of the SJR of the periods of inactivity identified during the two periods of health crisis, by establishing a floor mechanism at the SJR by decree of March 30, 2021, so that the periods of inactivity , which is taken into account, does not amount to more than 75% of the periods worked, and by extending the duration of the compensation. Beneficiaries who consider themselves harmed by the extension of the PRA are encouraged in any case to contact the Pôle emploi mediator so that they are systematically guaranteed the best right.

You understood? If so, congratulations!

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