a fun app to discover the insurance industry!

Every year, Groupama Group recruits more than 3,000 employees (CDD/CDI), 500 interns and more than 700 work study students. LLaunched in November 2020 by Groupama Loire Bretagne and now implemented with new regional mutuals, the Game’Up application allows you to discover the insurance professions in a fun way and make people want to join the group.

Groupama Loire Bretagne, Groupama Center Manche, Groupama Grand Est, Groupama Nord Est and Groupama d’Oc worked together with the employer communication sector of the Group HR Department to develop the application for distribution to young people aged 16-25 in their territories.

The application presents 3 insurance professions that are recruiting: Compensation Manager, Agency Sales Advisor and Remote Customer Advisor. It aims to encourage vocations and show that all skills can be expressed in insurance.


The fun aspect of the application increases motivation tenfold and the virtual reality sequences reflect the image of an innovative company. The experience is lived in a more intense, more engaging way than with simple visuals and makes it possible to better concretize the abstract world of insurance.

Stéphanie Lelay, Groupama Loire Bretagne HR project manager.

It can be downloaded from the Play Store and App’Store. Completely free and without mandatory identification, it is designed with virtual reality sequences to experience with or without glasses!

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