A Dracénois lawyer, close to the RN deputy of Var Philippe Schreck, accused of death threats by a journalist

Draguignan is not Dallas. But sometimes all it takes is a spark for his world to become ruthless. Between June 18 and 22, in the midst of a heat wave, tempers flared within the microcosm of Dracénois lawyers. Against the background of legislative elections and old grudges.

In question, a vitriolic article from the information site lecorrespondant.net titled “From Bourbon to Bourbon” returning to the so-called troubled past of the then RN candidate for deputy Philippe Schreck, and in particular the time when he was chairman (2018-2019) and president of the Carpa (1). Under the pseudonym of Jeff Martin, the author affirms that Philippe Schreck would have “to shatter a good part of the funds available to the Bar of Draguignan” when making risky financial investments.

Between slander and “defamation”

A charge which, for some, flirts with slander. And the “defamation” according to the protagonist. “But I don’t want to flesh out this character and piss off a judge with it, argues Philippe Schreck. I nevertheless reserve the right to do so even if I think it would be a waste of time for justice.”

“There is nothing defamatory, defends the director of the publication Djaffer Aït Aoudia. The information published has been verified and is verifiable. As for the pamphleteer tone of the 19th century used, it is a bit of a trademark of our site. It is not intended for Philippe Schreck in particular.”

In any event, the publication of this article has not remained without consequence. “The very day of its publication, I received death threats by telephone” assures Djaffer Aït Aoudia. At the other end of the line, the Dracénois lawyer Lionel Ferlaud. The latter recognizes the call, but “reserves its content to the investigators”.

Corsican friends

“He told me that Philippe (Schrick) was a longtime friend, resumes the Franco-Algerian journalist in his minutes, consulted by our colleagues from Générations Nouvelles. Then he went on to say that what had just happened would not happen like that. (sic): ”Otherwise, we will send you my Corsican friends to settle your account”.”

“I have proof that Me Ferlaud made these remarks” continues Djaffer Aït Aoudia. Despite everything, at this stage, the journalist does not intend to follow up. But a few days later, on the 22nd, his wife and lawyer Virginie Feuz was taken to task by Sandrine Ducrocq-Schreck, ex-companion of Philippe Schreck and also a lawyer, in the premises of the Dracénois bar (2). “Before Five Witnesses”specifies Djaffer Aït Aoudia, Sandrine Ducrocq-Schreck would have shouted: “Tell your husband that these are not threats, but promises.” In the process, the journalist went to the police station to file a complaint for the various death threats.

A remote controlled stink ball?

“I don’t know what could have happened following the publication of this filthy article, but I can assure you that the purpose of this text was not information, sighs Philippe Schreck. We are in pure wickedness, including racist insults and including against my father. What I read made me very sad. This so-called journalist didn’t even try to reach me. But I’m not fooled. As part of the campaign for the legislative elections, it was a low blow. It was all remote controlled…”

Djaffer Aït Aoudia obviously does not agree. The director of the publication certifies having sought to contact Philippe Schreck “by text message, remained unanswered”. And remain convinced that the deputy was well aware of the existence of the article and “of all that followed”. “But what shocks me the most is that a journalist can be threatened with death in France in 2022. Our profession is more used to receiving it from Islamists… I covered the all the conflicts of the past thirty years and I never thought I would one day not feel safe here, in Draguignan.”

1. The lawyers’ pecuniary settlements fund is an organization that secures fund transactions carried out by lawyers.

2. Contacted by telephone, Virginie Feuz did not wish “pour oil on the flame”. Stéphanie Ducrocq did not respond to our requests.


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