A bug on some Samsung mobiles prevents the installation of system updates from Google Play

A bug on some Samsung mobiles does not allow installation of Google Play system updates.

Models like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra seem to be affected by this bug

If you have not received a Google Play system update on your Samsung mobile for a long time, you are most likely among the group of users of devices of the South Korean brand that are affected by an error that prevents the update to the latest version .

This has been reported by several owners of devices from different families, including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 or Galaxy A53 series, among others. Users reported the bug both on Samsung’s official support forum and on Reddit.

Can’t update the version of Google Play on your Samsung? You are not alone

Google Play system updates are different from Android updates. These types of updates include changes to system components related to Google services, and their implementation does not depend on the manufacturer itself, but on Google.

Many users of Samsung devices, including models like the Galaxy S21, S22 and Galaxy A53, find their phones stuck on older versions. In most cases, the latest available Google Play system update is the version released in July 2022. Updateable devices already have the November 2022 Google Play system update.

How to update your Samsung mobile to the latest version of Android

The problem seems to be somehow related to One UI 5 and Android 13 update for Samsung mobiles as most of the reviews are from users who were affected after updating their devices to the latest version of the system.

Since these types of updates are dependent on Google, it will likely be the navigation company that will have to fix the issues to allow Samsung device users to update to the latest version. In the meantime, I’m afraid there’s not much those involved can do but wait.

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