a bipolar lawyer sentenced in Poitiers to eight months in prison

A detached attitude like a surreal trial that took place during an immediate appearance before the Poitiers Criminal Court on Friday…

A detached attitude like a surreal trial which was held during an immediate appearance before the Poitiers Criminal Court, Friday July 22, 2022. The lawyer was prosecuted for violence with a weapon, threat of crime and carrying of weapons. Plunged into his “spiral in hell”, as he described it, the lawyer unpins for the first time, on March 31, 2022. The owner of his accommodation, which he has occupied for ten years, comes to announce to him that she is putting for sale the house. Patrice Brossy takes this for an attack: he insults and pulls out a mace and a 40 cm machete from a car, brandishing them in front of her and her son. An image worthy of the film “The City of Fear”. Except that here, it’s not cinema. The victim, shocked, was prescribed three days of total interruption of work (ITT). “She had an aggressive look, she thinks everything is allowed and I don’t insult anyone! “, defends the defendant.

” We’re all going to die “

This case could have ended there. Arrested a few hours later at the La Rochelle court, Me Patrice Brossy is heard in open audition. He resumes his life and does it again on June 28, 2022, during a day of all dangers. He hires two security guards to accompany him to the general assembly of the Bar Association. The lawyer is at war with his colleagues. “It’s Freemasonry!” Now I do the housework. Those who screwed me up are paying. »

But before going to the meeting organized in Fouras, the lawyer decides to charge the Mercedes dealership in Puilboreau. There is a problem, according to him, with the purchase of his last German sedan. Supervised by two “golgoths”, he enters the business and gauzes the sales manager before leaving just as dry. Tire squealing included. A few minutes later, same scenario at the general assembly of the Order. Suit and dark glasses, the lawyer of 1.67 m enters with a large bag in the middle of an assembly of a hundred colleagues. The guards close the door. He walks towards M.e Catherine Cibot-Degommier, chairman. “I said to myself” we are all going to die “, it was incredibly violent, some colleagues escaped through the window …”, she told the bar of the court.

Me Patrice Brossy, suspended since June 9, 2022 from the bar in the context of disciplinary proceedings opened against him, justifies himself: “There is my illness which makes me overreact. For thirty-five years, I apologized for existing, I was always accommodating, it was not threats, it was humor. Everyone knows I’m a provocateur. »

“Fragile and in pain”

In his last challenge, the lawyer did not make the poor cashier at the Leclerc de Lagord gas station laugh. His bank card did not pass to pay the 35 euros. He takes a dummy handgun from the box of his Jaguar and threatens it. Security guards arrive, one of them tries to arrest him as he leaves. He will be arrested a few minutes later by the police. In his trunk, an arsenal with machete, mace, crossbow… “All that was for my safety”, he justified himself to the president of the court.

Behind these facts, the disease has been constantly underlying. Patrice Brossy is bipolar. He has already had several stays in a psychiatric hospital. The expert who met him evokes “an exalted speech without any hallucinatory element, no delirium” but “a rigid personality with a difficulty in questioning himself”, a “feeling of omnipotence. And if there was not, according to him, an abolition of discernment, there may have been an alteration at the time of the facts.

Before the pleadings of the civil parties (who requested several thousand euros in damages), the lawyer announced that he was stopping his profession on December 31, 2022. “I have plans with friends to put on a show . “Not revengeful, the president did not wish to constitute herself in a personal capacity but to carry the word of the lawyers of the bar of La Rochelle. She didn’t ask anything. “I know he is fragile, in pain. »

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