80% of travelers would work on vacation to extend the duration of their stay, according to a survey

According to a recent report, eight out of ten people would be willing to work during the holidays in order to extend the duration of their trip.

A recent survey conducted by Onepoll, an international market research agency, for the American hotel group Marriott Vacations Worldwid reveals that eight out of ten telecommuters would be willing to work on vacation.

According to the report carried out among 2,000 employees who practice telecommuting or flexible working, 80% of them would consider working from their resort to extend the duration of their trip.

The advent of telecommuting has shaken our habits

As the survey specifies, this desire particularly affects respondents aged 26 to 41 (83%), who represent 70% of the survey panel. Overall, half of respondents said they were just as likely to work on holiday (48%) as they were to work from a local coffee shop (47%).

But that’s not all! 46% of those mainly affected prefer to go on a longer trip with a certain workload than a shorter stay without work.

The advent of telecommuting has changed the way people think about vacationsSaid the Digital Director of Marriott Vacations Worldwid. “The flexibility of no longer being confined to an office has opened up a new opportunity for Americans to indulge their wanderlust“.

Among the places where participants feel safe working, 25% of them mentioned hotel rooms. However, one in six people would feel productive by the pool.

Along with location, space (36%), quietness (38%) and internet access (42%) are the top three factors workers look for when choosing accommodation for a “work trip”.

Travel is not only about the destination, it is also about the experiences. Those who work remotely from their destination not only have space to decouple the working day from vacation, but can also enjoy a variety of experiences and adventures while on the job.” said the spokesperson for the company.

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