3 tips for finding motorcycle insurance at the best price, get the quote

Just like when traveling by car, it is necessary and legally binding to take out insurance when riding a motorcycle. Even if you ride your two-wheeler a bit and your vehicle stays in the garage more than on the road, you need motorcycle insurance that covers the legal minimum. If you do not do this, you risk serious problems, and not only if you are checked on the handlebars of your motorcycle: in the event of an accident, the circumstances can be dramatic both for you and for the third parties involved.

However, you don’t have to go broke to buy motorcycle insurance. The minimum you must have is liability insurance. By making motorcycle insurance quotes, you can easily find the best motorcycle insurance at the best price. It may take some time, but if you do it methodically, you can save a lot of money all year round, while at the same time benefiting from optimized protection. Here are our tips for getting the best motorcycle insurance at a competitive price.

I find the cheapest motorcycle insurance

How to choose motorcycle insurance at the best price?

The ideal way to find the best motorcycle insurance is to carefully compare the offers on the market. We’re not going to lie to each other, doing this process manually can literally take hours, even days. Even if you want to save money on your motorcycle insurance, it’s easy to be put off by the size of the task.

Therefore, it is ideal to turn to the motorcycle insurance price comparison engine offered by Le Parisien. This comparator has the advantage of integrating all the most advantageous motorcycle insurance offers on the market. This helps to get reliable results when you use it and you can even buy insurance directly if you find one that suits you perfectly.

However, in order to obtain the most relevant results possible, it is necessary to be very precise in the information you enter in the price comparison. Carefully enter the required data about the driver, vehicle type, driving license or any other information requested during the process. Even if it takes you a few more minutes, it is nothing compared to the time saved by using the system and it allows to give realistic results in relation to the prices charged by the various selected insurance companies.

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How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

The price of your motorcycle insurance depends on several criteria. It already varies depending on which insurance company you choose, but the level of insurance is also important. To insure a 125 cc motorcycle, it usually takes between 600 and 800 euros per year to enjoy quality insurance.

However, it is quite possible to pay a lower rate by choosing to insure your motorcycle minimally, i.e. to a third party. This insurance represents the legal minimum as it boils down to a civil liability guarantee. It makes it possible to compensate a third party in the event of an accident resulting in physical or material damage. Third party insurance is suitable for a motorcycle whose value is low or for a motorcycle that circulates little, which limits the risk of road accidents. It can also be suitable if you have a small budget, but in the event of a problem other than civil liability, you are not covered.

Extended third party insurance is the intermediate alternative. This solution is admittedly a bit more expensive, but it covers you for a few more situations. In addition to the civil liability guarantee, it generally includes coverage against theft, deterioration of the motorcycle and fire. This is an interesting compromise to strengthen the protection of your motorcycle without spending too much.

Finally, all-risk motorcycle insurance is the most complete offer, but also the most expensive. It fully covers you in case of an accident, theft, fire, damage to the vehicle, but it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the driver’s personal guarantee, you can be compensated yourself in the event of an accident, in addition to the third parties involved. This formula comes at a price, but it is synonymous with peace of mind. It is particularly suitable if your motorcycle is new or if you ride it a lot.

To these different levels of motorcycle insurance must be added many options specific to two-wheelers. For example, you can opt for the equipment warranty, which includes the helmet, gloves and all other essential accessories for riding a motorcycle. The baggage guarantee covers personal belongings that can be carried in the trunk of the motorcycle, while the riot guarantee intervenes to compensate the motorcyclist if his vehicle is damaged by a crowd. Other options may be available depending on the insurance company you choose, please ask.

Is there motorcycle insurance for teenagers?

Just as there is car insurance for young drivers, there is also motorcycle insurance for young motorcyclists. The motorcycle card (A1 from the age of 16 or 12 from the age of 18) requires a trial period with insurance companies.

In the vast majority of cases, it concerns motorcycle insurance for young people who have held a motorcycle license for less than three years. The age of the driver is irrelevant. On the other hand, it is possible that you will be forced to pay a young driver’s rate if you have held a motorcycle license for three years or more, but have never been insured until then.

Young driver motorcycle insurance is more expensive than conventional motorcycle insurance. This is explained by the fact that a young motorcyclist has little or no experience and that the insurance companies necessarily take a slightly greater risk by insuring him. Therefore, an additional premium is charged at the time of withdrawal. The price varies greatly depending on the cover and the optional options, but it can reach 1,000 euros per year under comprehensive insurance.

However, it should be noted that the additional premium is degressive. If the young motorcycle driver has not had an accident after the first two years in which he is insured, it drops by 50%. It decreases by 25% at the end of the third year and is eliminated during the fourth year.

To pay less for motorcycle insurance for young drivers, the solution is to insure the two-wheeler on a third-party basis and choose a used vehicle with low power and low value. This also requires you to protect it yourself effectively, especially against damage: avoid leaving the motorcycle parked on the pavement and secure its trunk as much as possible. This should save you any unpleasant surprises in your first years on and off the road.

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