“10 ways to get rid of a corpse”: suspected of killing his wife, he is betrayed by his Google searches

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In the US, a man suspected of murdering his wife saw his defense undermined when his internet browsing history was revealed in court.

When a man is betrayed by his history… Brian Walshe is accused of killing his wife, Ana, in the United States. As CNN reports, the man allegedly dismembered her and dumped her remains in garbage containers in suburban Boston. Brian Walshe, 47, pleaded not guilty and his lawyer suggested the evidence against him was not strong.

Except for one: the suspect’s Google history. Especially his research after January 1, the date from which his wife gave no sign of life. Thanks to the searches, prosecutors have updated research on the dismemberment and disposal of a corpse or on divorce and inheritance. Some of his research would even have been done from his son’s iPad…

Here’s a timeline of Google searches as they were mentioned in court, along with what prosecutors say he was doing at the time:

What is the best way for a man to break up?

Brian and Ana Walshe went to bed around 1 or 1:30 a.m. after celebrating New Year’s with a friend. He told police that his wife left early in the morning for work in Washington DC, but there is no evidence that she left the house.

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Also, according to prosecutors, Brian Walshe went to a Home Depot and paid $450 in cash for supplies: a bucket, goggles, tarps, an ax and baking soda.

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