10 tips to save on your car insurance

The cost of living is rising. More and more people are looking for ways to save on their car insurance. Good news: you can significantly reduce costs with a few tricks. Follow the tips below!

Tip 1: Choose car insurance online

Online car insurance guarantees you coverage and monitoring as effective as traditional insurance, but without a middleman. An online insurance company has fewer fees, which translates into a cheaper auto premium. Logical, right?

Tip 2: look for car insurance that takes into account the number of kilometers driven

Kilometer insurance entitles you to a discount on your car insurance based on the number of kilometers you drive each year. The less you drive, the greater the reduction. See here the size of the reduction that Yuzzu could offer you.

Tip 3: Find insurance that rewards your safe driving

To calculate your car insurance premium, insurance companies take into account the number of accidents you have caused in previous years. This calculation differs from company to company. It is always better to drive carefully!

Yuzzu no longer applies the traditional bonus-malus system, but takes into account:

  • the number of years you have been insured in the previous 5 years;
  • the number of at-fault accidents during the past 5 years;
  • the number of years since your last at-fault accident within the last 5 years.

Yuzzu also rewards careful drivers with a safe driver bonus. You have been driving for more than 10 years and you have not had a wrongful accident in the last 5 years? Your first at-fault accident does not count and the car insurance liability insurance premium remains unchanged!

Tip 4: Check the deductible

The deductible is the amount you have to pay yourself in case of property damage covered by comprehensive insurance. This amount appears in your insurance contract. The higher the deductible, the lower your car insurance premium will be. Do you choose to lower the price of your car insurance by increasing your deductible? Don’t forget that in the event of a claim, your share will be higher.

Tip 5: Find the right insurance for your car

The premium for your car insurance can vary considerably depending on the model of your car and the power of your engine. Some models run faster or are more susceptible to theft, which increases the risk and thus the premium. Insurance companies may also offer discounts depending on the model or options. At Yuzzu, for example, you can get up to a 35% discount on an electric car, and up to a 5% discount if your car is equipped with at least two driver assistance systems.

Tip 6: avoid “all inclusive” packages

Although the insurance formulas seem advantageous at first glance, they often contain options that you do not need, but which can increase their price, such as assistance abroad. With Yuzzu, you adapt your insurance to your personal situation, so you never pay too much.

Tip 7: choose the right omnium

Not everyone needs comprehensive insurance. That is why, in addition to liability insurance, Yuzzu offers you three types of omnium insurance, depending on your needs and the age of your car.

  • Mini Omnium: it protects you against glass breakage and damage caused by fire, natural disasters, contact with animals and burglary or theft. It is recommended for cars over 5 years old.
  • Omnium Essentium: this formula includes all the guarantees of a Mini Omnium and allows you to be compensated in the event of a total loss. It is recommended for cars over 3 years old.
  • Omnium Complete: this formula includes all the guarantees of Omnium Essentium and covers you for damage caused by vandalism, an at-fault accident and an accident where the other party commits a hit and run. It is recommended for cars under 3 years old.

Tip 8: Track promotions and discounts

Insurance companies regularly offer temporary promotions that can make all the difference. With Yuzzu, you even get an extra discount if you’re already a customer. For every new contract added, you will receive two months free during the first year of the new contract!

Tip 9: Pay annually

By paying your car insurance premium annually rather than monthly, you avoid administrative costs.

Tip 10: Compare premiums on specialist websites

Now that you know what to look out for when taking out car insurance, don’t hesitate to compare premiums from different insurance companies on specialized comparison sites. However, be sure to compare similar coverages.

Do you also want to save on your car insurance?

Thanks to Yuzzus’ practical online simulator, you will find out in just 5 minutes whether the Yuzzu auto premium would allow you to save on your car insurance. In addition, Yuzzu offers you from October 3 to 31 a 10% discount on RC and all the omnium formulas during the first year of the contract. Go to yuzu.be.

Car insurance is a non-life insurance product from Yuzzu SA. Fact sheet, restrictions and conditions at www.yuzzu.be. In case of a complaint, you can contact Yuzzu SA, avenue du Port 86C box 117, 1000 Brussels. If this is not enough, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman, Square de Meeûs 35, 1000 Brussels. You also always have the option to request the intervention of a judge. Yuzzu SA products are governed by Belgian law.


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