0% loan to start your business

The Tour de France of initiatives is aimed at those who want to undertake. Evan Adelinet discovered a device intended to borrow money at 0 interest to project managers, regardless of their situation. That’s really what makes it special Solidarity’s honorary loan issued by the bank “BPI France”. 8000 euros borrowed at no cost! This is a mechanism that is relatively unknown to entrepreneurs and deserves to be highlighted. That is why the Tour de France of initiatives has decided to tell you about it.
To benefit from the Solidarity Honorary Loan, you must be accompanied by a network such as Initiative France. They will contact the BPI bank for allocation of funds. The information is available on BPI’s website and on initiative-france.fr.

With the help of INA documentarians: Anne Delaveau and Véronique Jolivet. Episode produced with excerpts from the newspaper, 12/13 – National edition broadcast on 03/10/2011 on France 3 and excerpts from the program “Création d’entreprises” – Euskal Herri Pays Basque edition broadcast on 15/12/2009 on France 3.

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